Why Us?

Why Electric? The question really is, why not?

There are no downsides when going electric, it is simply better!

Low Noise

The most obvious difference is the noise level – if a gas power mower or line trimmer is in operation anywhere in your neighborhood, there is a really good chance you can hear it. By comparison, you can be inside your home with electric equipment being used right outside your window, you would probably only know it after stepping outside and seeing your freshly cut lawn! There are many other scenarios where having low-noise equipment is beneficial:
*Shift workers – you’ll sleep better knowing there is one less chore to deal with
*Offices with surrounding lawns & gardens – no interruptions to those important phone calls and client meetings!
*Surgeries and clinics – the comfort for both the staff and patient is maintained

Zero Emissions

There is no need to have smelly gasoline engines operating around your home, producing emissions that may affect your family and pets. (see Lincoln study link) The use of electric equipment reduces CO2, VOC and NOx emissions, directly reducing your environmental impact. Kick Gas Lawns will literally give you a breath of fresh air after a service visit!

Environmentally Responsible

As environmental issues gain traction in the news and more people become aware and take notice, we hope to see a slow but steady shift away from unsustainable gasoline usage. Gasoline powered lawn equipment remains unregulated, and because of their small engine sizes, they can produce more than 30 TIMES the emissions of a car! In fact, lawn and garden equipment accounts for 60% of all carcinogenic VOC emissions from non-road engines. The continued use of highly polluting gasoline powered equipment just doesn’t make sense. Choosing electric is a no-brainer!

High Voltage Performance

Many people have experienced residential grade electric equipment with short run times, that often aren’t powerful enough to produce a consistent, satisfactory outcome in a reasonable timeframe. In short, many have formed the opinion that powerful electric garden equipment just isn’t available in the US marketplace. If that’s what you think… then you’re wrong! That’s why we have sourced the latest, most powerful commercial grade equipment that’s crafted right here in the U.S.A.! We don’t waste time using slower, low capacity residential equipment. Our equipment packs a punch and helps us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits Are Clear

*No conversations or phone calls interrupted by noisy equipment
*Reduced health impact on pets, family and neighbors
*You increase your environmental responsibility by choosing Kick Gas Lawns, and environmentally friendly company
*All these listed benefits, and so much more without sacrificing quality or efficiency.
Electric equipment is not a limitation, it’s an advantage! We can do the same work a gas-powered company can, just without two key “features” – NOISE AND EMISSIONS! We’re sure that you won’t miss them either. The choice is simple – choose Kick Gas Lawns for your lawn and garden maintenance needs!

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