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Who is Kick Gas Lawns?

Kick Gas Lawns is the Treasure Coast’s first eco-friendly, quiet, family-owned lawn company. We started kicking gas in July of 2017, providing the highest quality lawn care with the most advanced technology, the “Tesla” of lawnmowers. We are proud to serve our communities, Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fort Pierce, Florida.

Chris and Erin are the owner/operators of Kick Gas Lawns. They have been married since 2004 and have three dynamic kids; Javan, Chloe, and Uriah. You will find Chris visiting your property for quotes and service, where Erin is in the home office setting up client accounts, and providing customer service. Occasionally one of the kids will join Chris on the job site, but that is less likely to happen during the school year.

Cody Williams is the other piece of our terrific trio. An Amarillo, Texas native, and Chris’ brother, Cody moved out to Vero Beach with a sense of adventure and a willingness to work. He has a pair of fur babies, Pearl Mae the Frenchie, and Opal the kitty who was rescued from an animal shelter. His niece and nephews adore having “Untle Toady” around to explore the Florida lifestyle as a group.

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